Here’s an update on Daisy!!  Gotta say…I was NOT a dog lover…I felt our boys needed to have a dog and they were begging for one.  However, Daisy has won my heart!!!  Love her to pieces!  She is funny, loving and very lovable.  Thank you for helping us “take the plunge”.  Our boys are enjoying her so much!!!”



We are so pleased with your new puppy!  Ginger is doing very well with potty training and just started puppy school yesterday.  She is a great sitter. : )

My oldest had her tonsils out two weeks ago and Ginger snuggled with her the whole time.  She is up to 8 lbs and just had her first haircut.  She loves to sleep on my foot while I am sewing.  We will send more pictures later as she grows up!  Hope you are well!”



“Hi Tamara!

Your sweet puppy’s new name is Lady. She is so gentle and loving. Everyone is amazed at how mild mannered she is and what a good dog she is.

She sleeps all night. Potties outside (only 2 accidents!). She loves her kennel and her new house. She has a toy puppy that we call her baby that she carries around all day long. Everything she owns is pink. She loves to hide her head under the couch to sleep. She would have me carry her around everywhere if I allowed it. Her favorite part of the day is mid morning when I drink my coffee and we watch television and cuddle. She snuggles so close to me and follows me everywhere I go.  She loves other dogs and all the bunnies and squirrels in the backyard. She has been to family reunions, my husbands office, PetsMart, the park, our local college campus, friend’s houses and on countless walks. She is quite the socialite.

We adore her. We can’t thank you enough for her!

She went to the vet today and did great.

We’ll touch base again soon and keep taking pictures!”


“Gibson is such a great puppy. A couple of accidents the first couple of days as we figured out his signs. He jumped over the gate a few times so he now has free reign of the downstairs when we are gone and we only use the crate for bed time. He listens well and is on a schedule. Thanks again.”